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We wanted to take a moment to share our appreciation for our wonderful volunteers. These hardworking volunteers participate in contact tracing, schedule vaccination appointments, assist with vaccination clinics and perform various other duties.  Thank you so much!  We couldn’t do any of this without you!
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Great News!
The Fairfield Department of Health is now a Nationally Accredited health department!

In the midst of all the craziness going on at the Fairfield Department of Health and in the world, we were informed today that we are now an accredited health department. To receive  accreditation, a health department must undergo a peerreviewed assessment process to ensure it meets or exceeds a set of quality and performance standards and measures.

Please help us in congratulating all the employees of The Fairfield Department of Health on their hard work and dedication during this process!
Health Department CHIP Launch
Community Health Improvement Plan

Press Release from Larry Hanna, Administrator

In 2018, the Fairfield Department of Health (FDH), in partnership with Fairfield Medical Center (FMC), the Fairfield County Alcohol, Drug, and Mental Health Board (ADAMH), the United Way of Fairfield County, and the Fairfield Community Health Center, embarked on a comprehensive community health assessment (CHA). Following the assessment’s release in 2019, FDH convened a group of community stakeholders to examine the data provided in the CHA and use their knowledge of the community to select the most pressing health priorities that they will dedicate resources, time, and effort towards over the course of this CHIP. The approved health priorities for Fairfield County are: Obesity; Mental Health, focusing on Depression; and Substance Use and Addiction.

The CHIP is a long term plan that identifies health priorities, goals, objectives, and action steps that can be used by a community to guide them in the development and implementation of projects, programs, and policies that are aimed at improving the health of the residents of Fairfield County. The Center for Public Health Practice at the Ohio State University’s College of Public Health was retained by FDH as the facilitator for this plan.

27 community partners participated in the development of the CHIP. Following priority selection, workgroups created individual work plans to address each priority. The work plans detail the specific goals, objectives, and measures that will be used to address these priorities and track progress. The workgroups considered several overarching principles as they further refined the health priorities and created action plans. The principles included the tiers of the Health Impact Pyramid, the importance of Policy, System, and Environmental Changes, the significance of the Social Determinants of Health, the concepts of evidence based public health practice, and priority alignment with Ohio’s State Health Improvement Plan and national community health improvement planning frameworks.

Implementation of the CHIP will begin in July 2020.  Fairfield County is fortunate to have a large group of dedicated community members that will oversee the implementation and evaluation of the CHIP until the next planning cycle commences in 2022.

This CHIP represents the work of a dedicated group of community representatives. If you or your agency are interested in becoming involved with CHIP initiatives and community health improvement planning in Fairfield County, please contact Amy Gabriel, FDH Accreditation at
740-652-2841 and amy.gabriel@fairfieldcountyohio.gov.

Video: For more information on the process used

Discussion About Workplans:
Video: Obesity
Video: Mental Health with a Focus on Depression
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