COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

As of 2:00 pm on 04/05/20, the current number of Coronavirus cases in Fairfield County are:
46 confirmed cases
8 hospitalizations
0 deaths

Additional information can be obtained at Ohio’s COVID-19 page at The Ohio Department of Health has set up at call center to answer questions regarding COVID-19.
The number is: 833-4ASKODH (833-427-5634).


These are complex times and there is no one answer to most questions. The Governor and Director of Health want to promote and protect the health of Ohioans. To that end, it is important to keep the following in mind:

The Governor’s and Director’s Orders establish the spirit and parameters of Ohio’s response.
• It impossible to anticipate all possible situations.
• The Orders are meant to be adaptable.
•  It is important you consider the Orders in the spirit with which they are written.
• The LHDs are empowered to interpret the Orders and enforce those interpretations.
• As the needs of each situation vary across the state, so will the response.

Keeping within the spirit of the Orders when considering the business’ situation.
• The list of essential businesses and operations in the March 22, 2020 “Stay at Home” Order is extensive.
• The business needs to engage and discuss matters with its team, including its lawyer and any trade associations.
•  Each business needs to make a good-faith determination of whether the business or operation, in whole or in part, is essential.
• Regardless of whether the business is essential or not, if work can be done from home, then have it done from home.
• Each business needs to make a good-faith effort to reduce its on-site staff to the minimum necessary to keep the location operational.
• If work needs to be done on-site, businesses need take all precautions to protect employees (6 ft distance from one another, frequent sanitation, etc.)
• In this unprecedented time, management decisions will have serious consequences for all.


Today, Friday, March 27, 2020, I feel compelled to clarify our tough stance on “Essential vs Nonessential”. During normal times, we all serve an important function to maintain our way of life. But these are not normal times, we are amid a National Emergency, the likes of which has not been seen in over 100 years. So, what is “Essential vs Nonessential” during a National Emergency. First, let me explain why Governor DeWine’s “Stay at Home Order” is so important to us all. COVID-19 is a virus, it needs people to survive, if we keep distance between us by practicing Social Distancing it makes it more difficult for the virus to survive.

The purpose of a “Stay at Home” order is an attempt to keep the virus from moving around, it needs us to move and infect more people. If we all practice strict Social Distancing and follow the “Stay at Home” order it will slow the person-to-person transmission and buy our Hospitals more time to treat the surge of sick patients.

Getting back to our “Essential vs Nonessential” discussion, as I said earlier, these are not normal times, “Essential vs Nonessential” takes on different meaning during a National Emergency.

So, during this National Emergency, we all need to ask ourselves “If I don’t stay at home today, am I doing the right thing to protect myself, my family and my community”? I think we all need to be tough on ourselves when answering this question?

Governor DeWine has a document called Guidance on the Essential Critical Infrastructure Workforce: Ensuring Community and National Resilience in COVID-19 Response, this document may aid you in making this difficult decision.

Guidance on the Essential Critical Infrastructure Workforce

Stay home, stay positive and stay healthy,
Larry Hanna, Administrator


Great News!
The Fairfield Department of Health is now a Nationally Accredited health department!

In the midst of all the craziness going on at the Fairfield Department of Health and in the world, we were informed today that we are now an accredited health department. To receive  accreditation, a health department must undergo a peerreviewed assessment process to ensure it meets or exceeds a set of quality and performance standards and measures.

Please help us in congratulating all the employees of The Fairfield Department of Health on their hard work and dedication during this process!

In Fairfield County the first confirmed COVID-19 case was March 24, 2020, please don’t take comfort in this small number, it is just the tip of what’s coming. It’s safe to assume there is already community spread. Please understand I am not trying to scare you but rather prepare you and inspire you to practice the “6 best things you can do now” to protect yourself, your family and the community!

• Stay home if you are sick
• Practice Social Distancing
   (avoid close contact with everyone, even your family if they are ill)
• Wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds
• Cover your cough or sneeze into a tissue
• Avoid touching your face
• Clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces and objects

Over the next several weeks, we’re all going to need lots of empathy and compassion toward others, remember, “It’s the virus that’s the enemy, not the ill person”.

Top 5 things you can do if you are Isolated or Quarantined
Steps to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 if you are sick
10 ways to manage respiratory symptoms at home


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Fairfield Department of Health, WIC Pickerington site, Clinic No. 2310 located at the Government Services building is being suspended at this time due to flooding. If you have a scheduled WIC appointment please call 740-652-2800, Option 7 to have your WIC transferred to our main clinic site at Fairfield Department of Health, located at 1550 Sheridan Drive, Suite 100, Lancaster, Ohio 43130 or you can discuss with WIC staff about the option to transfer to another WIC clinic site in Franklin County.


Influenza and COVID-19 Testing at River Valley Campus Begins March 20:
• FMC will no longer be testing at the FMC Main Campus and River Valley Campus Emergency Departments.
• The testing site will be set up on the Memorial Drive side of River Valley Campus.
• Hours of operation are 9 a.m.-7 p.m. and will be staffed by FMC employees.
• Provider orders for influenza and COVID-19 testing are needed


Beginning Thursday, March 19th the Health Department Building will be closed to the public.
W.I.C. services will continue but will be limited, call 740-652-2800 option #7 for appointments.
For all other Division questions, call 740-652-2802.

Please be patient, as FDH is adjusting to daily changes being made by the Governor, ODH and CDC with COVID-19.



The Fairfield Department of Health would like to share the Fairfield Medical Center's link for information on COVID-19 updates.


All restaurants for dine in service and Bars will close at 9:00pm tonight. Restaurants still have take out & Delivery service, if they provide these services. Their workers can file for unemployment immediately.

To learn more about the unemployment assistance, click here or call 1-877-644-6562.
For more information: Visit 10tv News


Social Distancing
COVID Community Information


Since a lot of information has been issued in a short amount of time, the Fairfield Department of Health would like to clarify requirements and protocols for coronavirus (COVID-19) testing.

In order to be tested for coronavirus you must:
• Have been exposed directly to someone who tested positive for COVID-19
• Exhibit symptoms of the virus: fever, cough, shortness of breath or otherwise meet the criteria for testing according current guidelines
• Obtain an order from your primary physician for testing

Routine testing when a person is not showing symptoms or when the testing is deemed unnecessary according to current guidelines, will put a strain on testing facilities and limit resources available for testing that is necessary.

As always, the well-being of Fairfield County is our primary concern. We are staying in regular contact with our State and local partners to deal with coronavirus and other pressing issues affecting our community.

The Ohio Department of Health has set up at call center to answer questions regarding COVID-19. The number is: 833-4ASKODH (833-427-5634).

For latest updates & information on the Coronavirus: 
Ohio Department of Health Portal.

Saturday, March 28th from 9am-12pm

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Homeowners WPCLF Information
FDH still has funds from the Water Pollution Control Fund
for 2018 (WPCLF)
The Fairfield Department of Health has been conducting MS4 (municipal separate storm sewer systems) program inspections since Fall 2016. The MS4 program is part of the U.S. EPA's effort to preserve, protect, and improve the nation's water resources from polluted storm water runoff. All discharging aerators in Violet township and Liberty township sections 6 and 30R are required to be inspected at least once during every MS4 five-year permit period. The current permit began in 2015 and will end in 2019. This summer/fall, aeration systems on the following roads are being inspected: Allen Rd, Amanda-Northern Rd, Diley Rd, Hill Rd, Joy Ave, Long Rd, Marie Ln, Wright Rd, in Violet Township. There will be a $35.00 charge for each inspection to be billed to the homeowner after the inspection is completed. If you live on one of these roads, have a discharging aeration system, and currently have a contract with a registered service provider, we do not need to inspect your system. We just need a copy of your service contract to verify it is current. This information can be e-mailed to or contact the Fairfield Department of Health at 740-652-2800. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have concerning this program.