Stephanie Fyffe, MPH BSN RN , Nursing Director / Privacy Officer
P: 740-652-2800 / F: 740-653-6626
Fairfield Department of Health is the Tuberculosis (TB) Unit for Fairfield County. There are several services we provide:

TB skin tests to screen for Tuberculosis -
This could be for medication reasons, job requirements or school requirements.

Immigration Physicals
Any immigrant who moves to Fairfield County and has questionable test results for TB will get a physical evaluation with our Medical Director. Most of these immigrants do not have active TB, but we are required to evaluate them.

Direct Observational Therapy (DOT)
If someone has active TB or requires TB medication, the nurses at FDH will watch this individual take their medication to ensure compliance and communicate issues and side effects to the treating physician.

Contact Investigation
If someone has active TB, the nurses at FDH investigate any close contacts that may be at risk for contracting TB. Follow up is done with these individual contacts.

Besides DOT and immigrant physicals, Fairfield Department of Health does not have a clinic to see TB patients on a regular basis. We do follow up with a patient’s treating physician to coordinate care.

If you have any questions about TB and our services,
please call the Communicable Disease Nurse at