Every 3 years the Fairfield County Health Department, along with dozens of community partners, from healthcare, mental health, social services, education, local government, grant funders, and more, conduct a Community Health Assessment (CHA).


The CHA helps to identify community needs and allows us to direct resources toward those needs. After the CHA is completed, these public health system partner organizations use the findings to develop a Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP).


We look at the data compiled in the Community Health Assessment to identify trends and compare our health status to state and national rates. This data includes disease rates, leading causes of death, cancer rates, social and economic drivers of health status, information collected from interviews with community leaders, and the results of surveys sent to households across the county.


The 2022 Community Health Assessment project is currently under way, with a report planned by fall of 2022 and an updated Community Health Improvement Plan following soon after the CHA is complete.


To view online Fairfield County Health Data and past CHA and CHIP reports:

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