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Accreditation by the Public Health Accreditation Board (PHAB) means that a health district meets a nationally adopted set of public health standards. The State of Ohio has required that all health districts in the State achieve Accreditation by 2020 as a prerequisite for receiving state subsidy and grant monies. The Fairfield Department of Health has been working toward Accreditation since early 2013. We are committed to achieving Accreditation and providing the highest standard of care and services for our community.

Accreditation follows the 10 Essential Health Services:
1) Monitor the Health of the Community
2) Diagnose and Investigate Community Health Problems and Hazards in the Community
3) Inform, Educate, and Empower
4) Mobilize Community Partnerships
5) Policy Development
6) Enforce Law and Regulations
7) Link People to Health Services
8) Assure a Competent Workforce
9) Evaluate Quality
10) Research for New Insights

In addition to these, Accreditation also includes:
11) Maintaining Administrative and Management Capacity
12) Maintain Capacity to Engage the Public Health Governing Entity
13) Emergency Responsive Plan
Fairfield County Health Department
Fairfield County Health Department - Lancaster, Ohio
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1550 Sheridan Drive
Suite 100 (map)
Lancaster, Ohio 43130