Environmental Health
The staff of the Division of Environmental Health strives to promote and maintain high environmental health and safety standards for the residents and communities of Fairfield County through the administration of many programs. Much of our work emphasizes prevention of the spread of diseases. Sanitarians work diligently to prevent potential health hazards before those hazards can escalate to a level causing great concern.

It is our goal to have a positive visible impact in our communities in the areas of:

Food Protection / Education - Deb Kilbarger, RS; Madison Swackhammer, SIT, Kevin Barlow, RS
• Schools - Madison Swackhammer, SIT
Public Pools - Kevin Barlow, RS
• Manufactured Home Parks -
As of January 1, 2013 all Manufactured Home Parks in Ohio are licensed and regulated by the Ohio Manufactured Home Park Commission (OMHC)
Indoor Air Quality - Deb Kilbarger, RS
• Vector Control (Ticks, Mosquitoes)
Rabies Control
Solid/Infectious Waste - Jennifer Valentine, RS
Licensed Tattoo Facilities - Jennifer Valentine, RS
Plumbing Program - Dennis Oliver, Plumbing Inspector
Sewage Treatment Programs - Steve Deeter, RS; Jennifer Valentine, RS, David Plummer, RS
Real Estate Inspections - Steve Deeter, RS, Jennifer Valentine, RS
Lot Splits/Subdivisions of Land - Jennifer Valentine, RS, Steve Deeter, RS
Private Water Systems - Steve Deeter, David Plummer, RS
• Water Samples - Steve Deeter, RS; David Plummer, RS

Health department staff that work in these programs must be either a Sanitarian-In-Training or a Registered Sanitarian.  To become a Sanitarian-In-Training, qualifications include a bachelor of science in environmental health or related field.  Once qualified, the applicant can apply to the State Board of Sanitarian Registration for approval as a Sanitarian-In-Training.  To become a Registered Sanitarian, the Sanitarian-In-Training must pass a national exam and then practice environmental health under the supervision of a Registered Sanitarian for one to two years.  Only then can a Sanitarian-In-Training apply to the State Board of Sanitarian Registration to become a Registered Sanitarian.  Sanitarians must acquire 18 hours of continuous education per year.
Bed Bugs
Food Protection
Indoor Air Quality
Lot Splits
Pools & Healthy Swimming
Solid & Infectious Waste
Tattoo Facilities
Water Wells

Septic System Health
Protect Your Health
What to do if you have a flooded well or sewage system back-up.

Please use the above links and follow the procedures to disinfect your well or keep safe in the event of a sewage system back-up.  If you have questions, please call.

Nuisance Complaint Form

Food Safety Recalls for Ohio

Open Burning Issues

Keep food safe during a power outage

Water safety during a power outage

Where to take recyclables:

Lancaster-Fairfield Community Action Recycling

CFLP Solid Waste District Recycling

Ohio EPA Recycling

Recycle Force Columbus
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